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Power Apps Training Course

Build Your First App with Davyn

Our mission is simple: to provide you with a solid foundation in Microsoft Power Apps so that you can gain the knowledge and confidence to build model driven apps on your own.

By the end of this one week program, you’ll not only build your first app with Davyn’s Power Apps experts, but you’ll also have a fully functional app that you can immediately integrate into your business operations.

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Unlock the Power of App Creation

Learn the fundamentals of Power App building and create apps tailored to your unique business needs.

We'll help You Identify the Best App to Get Started With

We’ll begin by collaborating with your team to identify a starting app that aligns with your company’s goals and workflows. This initial phase ensures that the training content and the app we build, is precisely tailored to address your specific needs, challenges and objectives. 

Gain Hands-on Training From Certified Experts

Our training program equips your team with the practical skills and knowledge needed to bring your apps to life, delivered by certified experts in Microsoft Power Apps. Benefit from their in-depth knowledge and real-world experience to maximize your learning.

You'll Have a Fully Functional App

By the end of the program, your team will have successfully developed a functional app ready for deployment. You’ll not only learn the theory but also create a tangible solution that you can integrate into business processes.

Receive an official certificate upon completion

As a testament to your achievements, each participant will receive an official certificate upon successfully completing our training program.

Here's a breakdown of our course framework

This course is usually completed in 1 week. To achieve the best results, we recommend a maximum of four participants.

1. App Selection
  • Initial consultation to understand your company’s needs, challenges, and objectives and discuss app opportunities.
  • Based on this consultation, we’ll identify and make recommendations for your starting app.
  • When your app is selected, a tailored curriculum will be curated and training workshops will be scheduled.
2. General Set Up and Configuration
  • Create and manage environments for development, testing, and production.
  • Create solutions to organize and manage customizations.
  • Create, configure, and customize apps and site map for user-friendly navigation.
3. Table Creation and Configuration
  • Create the necessary tables to store your data.
  • Configure columns with appropriate data types in Dataverse.
4. Form Creation and Configuration

  • Create and configure forms for tables.
  • Add timeline control to track activities such as emails, phone calls, meetings, notes, and attachments.
  • Enable Outlook integration for tracking emails and meetings 
4. Data Imports
  • Import data into Dataverse tables using CSV files or Excel online.
5. Creation and Configuration of Power Automate Flows
  • Create and configure Power Automate flows.
  • Send notifications, store documents in SharePoint, and populate templates using automations.
6. Security Set Up
  • Create users in the system.

  • Create and configure Security Roles which and assign permissions.

  • Assign Roles to Users.

8. Reporting
    • Obtain reports using filters on created views.
    • Create predefined charts for data visualization.
    • Create dashboards with previously created charts and views.

The duration of your sessions are determined by your team’s preferences and availability.

Scope and Cost Summary

Comprehensive Analysis to Identify and Select Starting App

Personalized Curriculum for Your Team

Training Workshops with Certified Power Apps Experts

Training Support

Functional App Ready for Deployment 

Total Cost: $12,450 (USD)

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