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Davyn’s technology solutions combine the ingenuity of the Microsoft platform with a passionate team of developers and business leaders to bring unique experiences and innovative solutions to the Caribbean’s private and public sectors.

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Davyn is a premier Microsoft solution provider of business applications and we can help you improve your business operations.

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Coworkes in planning meeting

— Enterprise Resource Planning

Bring Your Business Processes Together

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates a company’s supply chain, financials, operations, manufacturing, reporting and human resource activities


Customer Relationship Management

— Customer Relationship Management

How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

We understand how important customers are to your business. Having the right tools and implementing the right solutions will ensure your path to relationship success


Cloud Computing

— Cloud Computing

Your Trusted Cloud Solutions Provider

What is the Cloud and why have so many organizations moved there? We’ve got the answers to those questions, as well as the who, when, and how of your Cloud journey


Social Security

— Social Security

Public Sector in the Caribbean Transformed

Davyn’s Social Security Platform is an award-winning solution designed to provide a single, 360-degree view of citizens in a fully integrated and centralized system


Our Philosophy

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Understand & Plan

Your business is our business. We work with you to develop a customised roadmap based on your business’ goals and needs

Icon Design

Design & Develop

Our innovative user experiences are backed by world-class Microsoft solutions and driven by talented Caribbean developers

Icon Deploy

Test & Deploy

Hello world! We meet and exceed expectations through iterative and sustainable practices that help businesses thrive

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Manage & Maintain

A rapidly changing regional landscape means we’re always ten-steps ahead to ensure your business and technology follow suit

Are you ready to transform your business?

As a premier Microsoft solutions provider, let us help you improve your business operations.

Book a FREE Consultation

Davyn is a premier Microsoft solution provider of business applications and we can help you improve your business operations.

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Our Clients

From Trinidad to Jamaica to Belize, Manufacturing to Retail to Public Sector, we’re proud to support a diverse client community in the Caribbean

Arthur Lok Jack
Blue Waters
Holiday Foods
Pennywise Cosmetics
Tru Valu
Guardian Media
Kaleidoscope Paints
Kappa Drugs
Kiss Baking
Malabar Farms
Memory Bank

Why Businesses Choose Davyn


When Pennywise Cosmetics decided to switch from a fully manual system to a computerised one, Microsoft Dynamic NAV and LS Retail seemed like a perfect fit for the company. The transition was smooth and with the help of the team at Davyn it has been one of the best steps forward that we have made. The program’s capabilities made our recent opening of three pharmacies within our stores very easy and we are completely satisfied with our choice

Dr. Shivum Paladee
Associate Director, Pennywise

Microsoft Dynamic Nav, LS Retail and PMS are very functional for our business and allow us to better serve our customers. The system has a range of functionalities that meet our needs and we can also customize it to fit our requirements with support from Davyn.

Marina Ramdass
Chief IT Officer, Pennywise

Advanced functionality and competent local support were key in my mind. I think the Microsoft eco-system of affiliated partners and products was also important in making a decision as we have seen in the range of choices for BI, WMS and handheld devices.

Christian Anderson
Chief Operations Officer, SuperPharm

The company faced many challenges during the first Go Live in September 2005 when we opened our first store and we soon realized that this was not the best fit for our organisation. So, 5 years after we opened our doors we started our quest for a better solution and in January 2012 chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV/LS Retail from an impressive field of providers. Compared to the first Go Live, this one went relatively smoothly as we were able to accelerate the deployment of over 30 POS terminals within one week thanks to the hard work and dedication of a committed project team supported by consultants from LS retail and Davyn.

Christian Anderson
Chief Operations Officer, SuperPharm

The sheer scale of the NAV customer base globally provided a strong case for the platform. Products don’t get this kind of market share unless they work well and provide a good ROI. Of course, there is also the confidence of knowing the product is a Microsoft product and will be supported. Though a much smaller company, LS Retail’s reputation is also very strong and their philosophy echoed with everything SuperPharm stands for.

David Sobrian
Managing Director, SuperPharm

Davyn has been and continues to be more of a business partner than a vendor. Their advice and suggestions take into account our environment to ensure we make full use of their proposed solutions.

Viktor Hunte
IT Manager, Astaphans

COLFIRE reached out to Davyn to assist us with an accounting solution that provided remote access, embedded controls, and efficient record keeping and reporting. We found that with Microsoft Business Central. The solution checked all our boxes and the migration was seamless given the support and guidance of the Davyn team. Their meticulous and planned approach ensured that we kept on track and were in a readied state to implement when required.

Ashraff Ali

We continue to be blown away by Davyn’s commitment to our success and the work they have been doing. The entire organisation is thrilled with the progress and is waiting with high anticipation for the other modules of the platform.

Ward McGregor
CIO, Belize Social Security Board