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Turn Your App Ideas into Reality.

Our Microsoft Power Apps course is perfect for anyone who wants to streamline their workflow with custom-built apps. Learn the essential skills to create functional, model-driven apps that can seamlessly integrate with your daily tasks.

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LS Retail

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

Build Custom Low-code Apps on your own

Learn to create custom low code business apps with user friendly navigation.

Visualize Your Data

Build dynamic dashboards to monitor key metrics and make informed decisions.

Automate tasks

Build workflows that automate your manual tasks making you more efficient.

Benefit from Hands-on Training by Certified Experts

Gain the practical skills needed to bring your apps to life, delivered by certified experts in Microsoft Power Apps.

Here's a breakdown of our course framework

1. Getting Started (General Set Up and Configuration)
  • Environments: These are the workspaces where you’ll build your apps.
  • Solutions: Think of these as folders that keep your app’s building blocks organized.
  • App Navigation: Create, configure and customize apps and site maps for user-friendly navigation.
2. Building Your App (Table Creation and Configuration)
  • Tables & Columns: We’ll create the foundation of your app using tables and columns. 
  • Views: These are lists of records that you can apply filters on, to help you see specific information in your tables.
  • Forms: This is where users will interact with your app, adding and editing data.
  • Business Rules: Set up specific rules based on certain conditions, making your app smarter.
  • Timeline Control: Track important activities like appointments, phone calls, emails, tasks and notes directly in your app.
  • Outlook Integration: Connect your app to Outlook to keep track of emails.
3. Data Imports
  • Importing Data: Easily import existing data from Excel or CSV files into your app tables.

4. Power Automate Flows (Creating and Configuring)
  • Automate Actions: Build workflows that automate your manual tasks making you more efficient. 
5. Security


  • User Roles & Permissions: Control who can access and edit the tables within your app with different user roles.
6. Reporting
    • Views and Filters: Customize and filter data for reports.
    • Charts: Visualize data trends and drill down for details.
    • Dashboards: Combine reports into comprehensive dashboards.
7. Deploying Your App
  • Move your completed solution: Learn how to deploy your completed solution to a different environment. 


TTD 5,000 / USD 750

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