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Davyn partners with a range of vendors to ensure we can offer you a complete integrated solution based on your unique set of requirements.

Davyn is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner

We specialise in Microsoft’s Dynamics and cloud suite of products.


Davyn is a Gold Certified LS Retail Partner

LS Retail is a world-leading provider of all-in-one business management software solutions for retail and hospitality companies of all sizes.

For over two decades, LS Retail has been developing market leading software solutions that are currently used by retailers and restaurateurs across 130 countries, with support that exceeds 250 certified Microsoft and LS Retail partners in over 75 countries.

Thanks to LS Retail’s knowledge and experience in the retail and food-service industry, they are able to offer scalable solutions to manage the complex operational requirements of organizations within such diverse areas as: fashion, electronics, furniture, duty free, restaurants, coffee shops, forecourt and c-stores and many more.


eOne develops “no code” software solutions for mid-market enterprises which enables them to fit their business systems to their specific business requirement…22,000 companies are benefitting from our tools right now!

Their mission is to provide highly configurable and intelligent tools for ERP and CRM that increase efficiency while reducing costs…representing an unprecedented value proposition. eOne is a highly creative and agile team; they like to do things their own way…The Smart Way.


Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. More than 46,000 customer accounts get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites.


ReQlogic powers efficiency & cost control.

Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics, ReQlogic delivers powerful browser-based functionality to drive eProcurement, requisitions, invoices, expense reports, and time tracking throughout your business, powering efficiency and controlling costs.

With over 40,000 users worldwide, ReQlogic has the functionality, the in-market experience and the support services you need to add value to your Microsoft Dynamics environment.


Formula-based manufacturers worldwide employ Batchmaster’s industry specific ERP solutions to streamline their operations and scale production, while reducing costs and complying with customer demands and ever more stringent regulatory mandates.


Zebra builds tracking technology and solutions that generate actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by giving physical things a digital voice.

Zebra’s extensive portfolio of solutions give real-time visibility into everything from products and physical assets to people, providing very precise operational data not only about where things are, but what condition they are in. This allows business leaders to use data to make better, more informed decisions, respond in real-time and ultimately, help businesses understand how they work, and how they could work better.


Since 2003, SalesPad has helped business owners increase productivity and efficiency with enterprise software solutions that work with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Originally, SalesPad started out as a partnership between a business owner and a software consultant. One needed more from his business management software, and the other knew how to create it.


Dynavistics innovative solutions provide relief to common business software frustrations. These easy-to-use solutions fill the gaps in your collections, delivery, trade promotion and distribution software processes. Dynavistics integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics products.