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About Davyn

We provide truly
integrated solutions which can
potentially impact all parts
of your business.

Why We Are Different

Davyn continues to grow because we are very different from what you will find in the marketplace…

  • We have without question the most experienced and professional team of consultants in the region in our area of specialty.
  • We employ over 30 people who are all 100% focused on the delivery of business applications for our clients and who are all locally based.
  • We have a implementation methodology that works which is why we have an unparalleled number of successful implementations.
  • We are usually able to understand and resolve the most complex problems facing businesses as it relates to technology. If it is a specialty area outside of our expertise, we will be honest with you and help you find the assistance you need.
  • We have an extensive range of clients who are great references and will be happy to talk to you.
  • We care about your business and take a long term view of our relationship. This is why our estimates are realistic and we take the successful completion of your implementation extremely seriously. If we make a mistake, which is not often, we fix it at our cost!
  • For us, business is personal. Your success is our success and your problems keep us up at night!

Who We Are

We are focused on delivering a range of solutions based on the Microsoft platform and have assisted small, medium and enterprise companies to successfully implement solutions that have reduced costs, improved customers and supplier communications, met industry requirements, and made wiser, more profitable business decisions. Our professional management and service team provides our clients with a broad spectrum of services, from application development and third-party software recommendations to business process refinement; always ensuring our clients’ business goals are met with an overall low total cost of ownership. This approach has made us a solid, dependable company that continues to deliver consistently high levels of customer care and support.

Davyn was founded in 2000 with a focus on delivering Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to clients in Trinidad and the English speaking Caribbean. Today, Davyn employs the largest group of certified Dynamics ERP resources in Trinidad and is certified by Microsoft as a Gold Enterprise Resource Planning partner.

Executive Team

Derrick Villeneuve

Chairman & Director of Strategy

Derrick Villeneuve has 20 years of experience in ERP in a variety of roles. He began his career in the mid 90’s implementing a manufacturing solution for Brown Applied Technology where he was employed. The project was successful enough that the parent company sent him to China and Hong Kong to implement the same manufacturing solution at their other offices.

In 1998 Derrick moved on to form GIDK Consulting Inc. in Toronto Canada. Most of his time was spent travelling throughout North America and in some other parts of the world implementing manufacturing and accounting solutions for a variety of mid-sized organisations. This brought him to Trinidad and Tobago in 1998 to do consulting work for Century Eslon, MDC-UM and Flavorite which, in turn, led to the opening of a new office in Trinidad in 2001.

In 2004 the Canadian branch of GIDK was sold and Derrick moved on to other roles culminating in 5 years of work at Microsoft Canada in the Dynamics group. His last three years were focused on recruiting and managing partners, particularly for Dynamics AX in central and eastern Canada. In 2011 Derrick left this role to dedicate his himself fully to the operations of the Trinidad office and the company was re-branded to Davyn.

With the combination of a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance as well as his background in ERP, Derrick has a strong blend of operational and financial skills. He is known for his ability to take failed or derailed projects with unhappy customers and turn them into successes and references. In addition, he has been involved in managing development and consulting teams for both his own firm and under contract for Kewill Systems (later acquired by Exact Software).

Jillian Martin

Chief Executive Officer

With a passion for excellence in service delivery, Jillian Martin brings a wealth of hands-on customer-service experience cultivated over 25 years in travel and telecommunications to her role as Davyn CEO.

Jillian joined the founding company of GIDK in 2008 as Sales Manager. Her background in finance, operations, sales & marketing quickly afforded a leadership position that laid the foundation for the business transformation that we see today.

The journey got a lot more exciting when co-founder Derrick Villeneuve joined Davyn full-time in 2011 to spearhead our new business strategy and to expand our products and customer reach. This allowed Jillian to compliment this initiative and focus on strengthening our service culture and challenge herself and her team to exceed our customers’ expectations through the continuous development and improvement of our service delivery.

With an MBA in General Management from Henley Business School, Jillian has the commitment, motivation and clear direction to deliver excellence in customer service.

Ainsley Yorke

Founding Director

In the late 90’s Ainsley was the best Dynamics Great Plains consultant in Trinidad. During this period he met Derrick while they were jointly consulting for MDC-UM and this let to a lasting friendship. Ainsley decided to move his family to Canada in 2000 and went to work for GIDK Consulting Inc. Since the company he had been working for went out out of business, Ainsley and Derrick took the opportunity to open a branch office in Trinidad in 2001.

After the acquisition of the Canadian office of GIDK, Ainsley has held senior consulting roles at Tectura, Ideaca and finally Hitachi Canada where he is now the Senior Manager of AX and oversees the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX for their clients. Ainsley is a strong leader and cares passionately about delivering quality work and realizing successful implementations.

A graduate of the DeVry Institute of Technology, Ainsley has extensive experience in the IT industry and possesses strong analytical, logic and problem solving skills which he has deployed to the business benefit of a diverse industrial range both locally and abroad.